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How to tell on an MK-012

Genuine Russian MK-012


Original Oktava
produced in Russia
Oktava from China, so-called "new revised series".
These products are not related in any way
to the genuine Oktava products
Supplied with manual and individual response curves Supplied without any documents
Has -10 dB pad and original metal holder
All original microphones manufactured after 01.01. 05
are labelled "MK-012" *
Has no -10 dB pad, supplied with plastic holder
Labeled "Oktava MC 012"
Every microphone has its own serial number **
White screws
Black screws
Bonding area has a dimple for effective contact

No contact dimple
Not sputtered copper, no corrosion-protection

Silver-sputtered contact-pin Unprotected against oxidation pin
original MK-012 microphones produced by OAO Oktava earlier can also be labelled Oktava ?C 012.
** - MK-012 microphones manufactured before 2002 don't have serial numbers

Facts or Fakes

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