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How to tell on the MKL-2500

If you need to determine if the microphone you are buying or have purchased is a genuine Russian made Oktava microphone, the easiest way to tell is to look for the serial number (see photo).

Genuine Russian



Power Supplies are made in Russia and are matched to the microphone and are quiet. There is also a serial number on the power supply. It is also square and larger.

Power Supplies are smaller and generate a "hum" in the mic.
NO SERIAL NUMBER on the power supply.

Please be aware, there are some Russian microphones with a serial number which have been put together with Chinese power supplies which will cause a "hum" in the mics.

A genuine Oktava MKL-2500 currently is supplied in a wooden jewel case with documentation, a matched power supply, cables and a shockmount.

Facts or Fakes

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